Vehicle Compliance

Autometrix Vehicle Testing provides Entry Certification for all imported used vehicles from Japan, Australia, England and USA with deregistered certificate OR Export Certificate.

We are experts in Entry Certification, with qualified, experienced team of compliance inspectors from VTNZ ( Vehicle Testing NZ) providing the industry with entry certification inspections, emissions checks, damaged flag removals, Repair Certificates, LVV Certificates and issuing MR2 and much more.

Why would you need Vehicle Compliance?

  • Is your vehicle imported from Japan, England, USA with an Export Certificate
  • Is your Vehicle imported from Australia – Statutory write-off ( exclude water damage). Conditions apply
  • Have you purchased a vehicle which was written off by NZ insurance Companies and deregistered
  • Is your vehicle deregistered in NZ for any reasons
  • Is your vehicle lapsed registration for over 12 months ( without exemption)

What we need from you

  • Original Export Certificate from the country of origin ( or Dereg)
  • Original copy of purchase invoice
  • Proof of ID ( Just the driver’s license or Passport)
  • Proof of Ownership ( If the vehicle already registered in NZ and now deregistered)

Compliance Process

  • Verifying relevant documents
  • inspecting the vehicle to ensure it is of a suitable standard according to NZTA safety standards and guidelines to be put onto the NZ roads
  • Removal of wheels, brake linings, guard trim, interior trim and any panels that cover the vehicle structure or essential safety features such as seat belts and Airbags
  • Check for major accidental damages , underbody rust and any structural damages.
  • Check for Emission standards, ESC ( Electronic Stability Controls), and approved Airbags requirements
  • If all OK then the vehicle is issued with an MR2A form which you need for registering the vehicle in NZ
  • If the vehicle was failed for any reasons then you will have 20 working days to get all issues fixed and remedy and bring the vehicle back to us for re-check
  • Re-check is FREE of charge if you come back to us within 20 working days from the date of inspection.
  • You can get most of the compliance repairs done using our well qualified mechanics without having to take the vehicle away.
  • If your vehicle was modified and failed at compliance with modified components then we can help you with LVV certificate process
  • We also can help you with Repair Certificate process by liaising with Repair Certifiers ( Engineers) and get the vehicle repaired according to engineer instructions within the time frame at additional charges. Please talk to us first about additional charges.


  • If all paper work is ready then it is almost within 24 hours after dropping the car to us.

Compliance Charges

  • Standard charge for just an inspection is $550 + GST
  • If you are a trader and got over 10 cars a month then the charges would be $ 400 + GST
  • If you are a trader and got over 25 cars a month then the charges would be $ 380 + GST
  • If you are a trader and got over 50 cars a month then the charge would be $ 350 + GST
  • Please note- additional charges will apply if extra stripping is required as advise by the inspector or repair certifier.

Now, you have most of the information required for compliance process, If you need more info please call Sam on 021-0567588 or our office number 09-835 3887.

Alternatively you can visit NZTA ( WAKA KOTAHI) website using the link below